If you’re a Rancher, Order Buyer, Feedlot Owner/Manager, or just a part time entrepreneur, looking for those available trucks to haul your livestock can be very time consuming.  And we all know that little catch phrase “Time Is Money”.  Time is not only money, but it is hard to come by in these times of changing industry.  You don’t have enough time to keep up with everything so why tie up that precious time looking for trucks.  Let Terry at Maverick Truck Dispatch do it for you.

Maverick Truck Dispatch is not a carrier.  We offer only truck dispatch services to you, as a customer and the carrier.  We offer competitive seasonal rates for a quality job.  We find truckers that are looking to load both ways.  That will bring lower operating costs to you.  But we are not a cut rate operation. Sometimes you get what you pay for in that situation.  We feel, to give you a professional carrier that will get the job done right, he needs to feel he is getting a rate that is fair to him as well as you, the customer. Maverick Truck Dispatch will work with you and the carrier to come up with what both parties think is mutually satisfying.

It does not cost you a thing, for Maverick Truck Dispatch to find that trucker.  He charges the trucker for the services.  Maverick Truck Dispatch also carries Transit insurance on your load, at no cost to you.  The insurance covers any cripples or individual death loss.  This is only good on livestock in good standing before loading.  Any poor stock will be noted on truckers load bill before loading.  All carriers hired by Maverick Truck Dispatch have a certificate of liability on file for cargo and workmans comp.  Plus Maverick Truck Dispatch has contingent cargo liability insurance to protect you if the carriers insurance is inadequate.

Call us toll free, and lets talk.  What have you got to lose?  “One call does it all.”
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